A Short Reading List…

…for a busy day. Don’t miss these two articles from The New Yorker. The first represents (yet another) alarming profile of Michele Bachmann; the second, a remarkable inside look at the operation that brought down Osama Bin Laden, and a fitting elegy for those members of the team who may (or may not) have been lost during the weekend’s tragic downing of a SEAL transport.

From the Bachmann article, note where Francis Schaeffer, apparently a strong influence on Bachmann’s life, explains that:

[t]he early church believed that only the Bible was the final authority. What these people really believed and what gave them their whole strength was in the truth of the Bible as the absolute infallible word of God.

Well, yes but no. Early Christians may’ve viewed the Bible as the “absolute infallible word of God,” but this misses the more interesting question of what reading of the Bible, exactly, they imbued with this infallibility. Not the literal, plain-text reading relied on by today’s Christians to substantiate the more absurd claims of modern fundamentalisms.



  1. I love a quick highlight of things to read. Thanks!

  2. Really Early Christians viewed the bible as infallible? The Bible that was not even written yet? Seems a little odd to me.

    1. Not at all. The Gospels and Acts were written c. 60-90 (Mark earliest, John latest), and the Pauline letters are from the period c. 45-65. The rest is probably a little later, but substantially, it was finished by 100.

      “Early Christianity”, on the other hand, covers the period all the way up to the Nicene Council in 325.

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