Do They Believe in Anything Anymore? Did They Ever?

Evidence mounts that most Republicans with a record on the subject supported the individual mandate — socialism and fascism rolled into one, you’ll recall — before the GOP decided, arbitrarily, that this would be Obama’s “Waterloo.” Fortunately for them, demagoguery has no memory.


  1. Evidence also shows that most Democrats favored single-payer before they suddenly pretended they didn’t. There is no trust on either side for good reason.

    1. I think manu of them backed away from single payer for the sake of compromise, whereas backpedaling is to distance themselves from the opposition. Not the same thing.

      1. *Republican backpedaling

      2. Several prominent Democrats are on record as saying that the public option was the first-step to single-payer. It’s not about compromise – it’s about chalking up one win and then planning for thenext battle.

  2. Mike, you’re talking strategy — advance and retreat — NOT a complete reversal, which is what the Republicans did.

    You can bob and weave to avoid an overreach, and get the best or almost-best result for your team, and that’s fine, and expected. COMPLETELY reversing yourself, and calling a good idea socialist evil, is something new.

    1. Or maybe Republicans never supported an individual mandate and the point was to juke Democrats into pursuing it and then tie it up in the courts.

  3. demagoguery has no memory

    Unfortunately, neither does the electorate.

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