Tim Pawlenty is Very Impressed With Tim Pawlenty

An excerpt from his book, as summarized in Vanity Fair’s review of 2012’er books:

 On the morning that Pawlenty was passed over as McCain’s V.P. pick, he took the dog out for a walk and, bending to scoop her poop, thought, “Well, this is the only number two I’ll be picking up today.” After giving himself a good chuckle, “I tucked that slightly crass, self-directed joke into my proverbial pocket, thinking it might be fun to share it at an appropriate moment during the Republican Convention the following week.” Such evaluations are subjective, difficult to adjudicate, but I think it possible that Pawlenty, or T-Paw, as his imaginary followers call him, may be a bigger crock than Mitt Romney.

What kind of guy has the, uh, “balls” to be this upset about losing the chance to be John McCain’s vice president? It’s a Tracey Jordan-esque anecdote, for its inability to humanize or resonate with the average man.

Similarly, apparently Pawlenty’s wife calls him “45” — as in, Forty-Fifth President. Now let’s not indulge in what our significant others have called us playfully one time or another. But seriously?


  1. What kind of guy has the, uh, “balls” to be this upset about losing the chance to be John McCain’s vice president?

    I don’t understand your complaint. Are you saying it was arrogance? My understanding was that Pawlenty was the front-runner until the last-minute shift to Palin. Why is it inappropriate to feel bummed about that?

  2. Like you’re entitled to it?

  3. How do you see that? None of his remarks above imply that.

  4. Yeah, it’s just my feeling. You’re entitled to reach your own conclusion. But I take pride in having lost things I expected to win with more grace.

  5. Again – making a very cheesy joke certainly doesn’t qualify as a lack of grace. If he had gone on to slam Palin or not been a loyal soldier during the campaign, your assessment would make sense. In lieu of that it sounds like you’re pulling this out of thin air.

  6. It’s a good deal more substantial than counting the times Obama uses “I” and “me” in a speech to conclude that he’s arrogant!

  7. I don’t think either one is a bright idea – but I have to say that basing your assessment of someone’s sore losership on one dumb joke (a joke that doesn’t even sound very bitter) seems to be a case of serious overreach.

    Did you get a mailer from the DNC instructing you to do this? I think they are already considering Pawlenty the likely nominee so maybe their first instructions were to claim he was a sore loser over the VP spot in 2008? I can’t imagine how that would help your cause.

    1. I don’t think that’s really a cause that needs much help, frankly.

  8. Haha nope. I’m not terribly scared of Tim Pawlenty, or as most of America knows him, “Who?”

    1. Isn’t that what they said about Obama in 2007?

      I will concede that given the current field this may be a repeat of 1996 however, given the partisanship in this country I still expect it to be a close race. And if the economy doesn’t improve significantly between now and then, we may see something more similar to 1992.

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