To Republicans, when the White House responds to trumped-up conspiracy theories, kept alive only by prospective 2012-ers desperate for relevance…

…it’s their fault for trying to “distract” us.


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  1. Actually I think the President got it right yesterday when he pilloried the media for keeping alive the story on the pretext of “balance.” Republicans, who have no spines when it comes to Birthers or anyone else on their fringes, are now doing themselves no favors to even remotely connect with the issue. Had the Republican leadership and the possible 2012er’s all been consistently denouncing the lunacy of the Birther approach, then their comments after the press conference would be relevant. Since they have chosen benign neglect, I think they need to go sit in the corner and shut up. John McCain was, after all, born in the Panama Canal Zone and so may not be a natural born citizen either – yet no one on the Left has ever tolerated such zealotry against him.

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