Proud to Be an American

So this post is backdated, because yesterday was a busy day. I second-chaired an immigration hearing where we won a grant of asylum for a woman who fled an eastern European after her first husband was killed for his faith; her son was killed for being a Baptist; and her brother for inquiring into her son’s murder. But now, thanks to a very talented senior associate at my firm, she can find peace in her new home.

Sometimes we forget just what this country is and can be to those who need it most. But that’s how we started — to address the fiercest, most elemental needs of man — and how we continue. It’s a good day.


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  1. david boudreau · ·

    Nice story, glad to see a few (very few) things that some times work here.
    For me I was proud to be AMERICAN now …not so much, Why? cause it ain’t no more!
    If your on the left the new country is called OMERICA ! if your on the right it’s AMERIKA! Both must be feared !!!

    American was a nice story for how long it lasted but we must move on now……

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