NOM: Majority Supports Gay Marriage, Because They’re Scared of The Gays

You just have to read it yourself.



  1. You have confused me. “Nom” means yummy eating, and there is nothing foodish about “Majority supports gay marriage, because they’re scared of the gays”… unless we’ve gone beyond the Phantom Tollbooth and nobody told me.

  2. You spun the article in an interesting way – but that’s not what they said. They claimed that people are scared to be honest about how they feel. I doubt it’s fear of gays but more accurately fear of pop culture.

    1. Fear of pressure by society meaning pressure from The Gays is what I was getting at :)

      1. But it’s not coming from them really. They are what, 1-2% of the population? But they have the support of Hollywood, the Left, etc. Essentially it’s becoming un-PC to not support gay marriage.

        Worries over sounding backwards or bigoted or just out-of-touch have long been problems with polling on social issues. In 1999 I helped conduct a campus survey on internet usage when I was in college – we found the same problem.

      2. Yeah, that’s her point. Revitalizing the old arts of antisemitism, The Gays control the media, and can force you to believe what you don’t.

        Honestly, if peer pressure can force equality, well, I think that’s kind of cool.

        1. There’s always a point in any popular struggle where political correctness out-paces how people actually feel. While you might delight in acceptance the perceived acceptance of gays there’s a certain resentment when people feel like the are being forced to act a certain way.

          Also, I would remind you that peer pressure can also create inequality. Remember that it’s a two-way street.

        2. I have no doubt that peer pressure brought overt racism to an earlier close than we otherwise would have had. I will not trouble myself with the resentment of those bigots that civilization leaves behind. Besides, ending over homophobia means ending de jure discrimination, which would be a mighty victory.

          1. The question is what’s more incidious, overt or secret racism? And the latter lingers for a long time.

            You’ll get gay marriage sooner or later. What’s next?

          2. Obviously mental reconditioning camps to eradicate Christianity once and for all! I’m sure this won’t surprise Maggie, or Glenn Beck, one bit.

            [N.B. to future opposition researchers: this is sarcasm.]

            1. Seriously though – what is the next ax for you to grind once you all have gay marriage?

            2. Adoption and the ENDA, I imagine. But winning gay marriage will compel both of those, for sure.

              Beyond gay rights more generally — and extant goals like, say, saving Roe from itself — I don’t see a new cause on the horizon. My peers may think drugs is it, but I won’t join that fight.

              1. So once you get gay marriage you hang up your social causes?

              2. Well there’s always a new fight, and these causes don’t really end. We “got” women’s equality in the ’70s. We “got” Brown v. Board in the ’50s. Both are still being fought today. I expect gay rights to be no different.

                Is there something you’re getting at?

                1. Just trying to get a scope of the liberal social agenda.

                2. We’re also going to take your guns. I don’t really know why, but it seems the thing to do :)

                  1. I think the lack of liberal understanding on gun policy is well-documented. Your complete lack of input on your last gun post being Exhibit A.

                  2. Haha. I’m pretty sure that coincided with a brief being due, or something. Drawing inferences from silence is a perilous thing.

                    1. Feel free to particpate now. I am sure everyone has email notifications setup for that post.

              3. What’s the ENDA?

                Me, I’d like to see a push for legalized prostitution and gambling in all 50 states, or at least all 1 state that I live in.

  3. Judging by what little I’ve seen of Jersey Shore, I, too, fear pop culture.

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  5. Wow… you really have an emotional attachment to the “they fear teh gayz” spin…. even to the point of adding a dash of the “antisemitism” trope.

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