Justin Bieber Gets Something Right?

Abbreviated, as still recovering from travel, but the argument went well!

Because you surely care, Justin Bieber, apparently, is pro-life (but for weird reasons) and pro-single payer (but for no discernible reason). It’s not really clear why we should care here, specifically, or about celebrity views on politics, generally. But note this: how often do you see someone with a hard left position (on healthcare), alongside a hard right position (on abortion)? Republican messaging is such that these normally go hand-in-hand as, for example, the healthcare war was largely fought on ideological lines (“socialism!”) rather than anything close to the merits.

Why’s Justin Bieber slipped the line? Here, finally, we might draw something interesting from celebrity punditry.



  1. Well, I’m the inverse: hard left on abortion, hard right on healthcare. Do I count?

    1. Isn’t that logically just the small-l libertarian position?

  2. It’s simple: he’s Canadian. Healthcare politics are calibrated differently there. As for abortion, his mother is a fundamentalist evangelical Christian.

    1. Kris stole my answer. Being Canadian gives him a completely different perspective on healthcare.

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