Ye Who Sow the Wind

…shall reap the whirlwind. Turns out that chaotic, barely principled theories of governance create chaotic, barely principled governance. Two major floor defeats for House Republicans in as many days, the second featuring the first defeat of one of Cantor’s “YouCut” policies. I’m trying not to enjoy this too much.



  1. Is this really problematic? Republicans are putting bills up for votes. Sounds like they are doing their jobs.

  2. Well, it’s problematic for Cantor that he’s losing votes even with the greatest GOP majority since the Truman administration.

  3. Putting things up for votes? You mean what they refused to let the Democrats do in the Senate?

    1. Kris – that’s politics. We’re bringing our stuff to a vote. It’s unfortunate that Democrats have had trouble doing the same.

      1. Democrats in the Senate have that problem because Republicans block cloture. That’s the funny sounding name for the first vote the Senate has to take to get something to the floor – and since you need 60 people to say in effect “Yes, we want to debate that bill” you need Republicans to say yes. While Republicans in the House are :”doing their jobs” by holding votes, their Senate colleagues are not. And that lack of activity is not the Democrats fault.

  4. A Cantor set: a set with an infinite number of disconnected points with measure zero. Apt?

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