Nuance is Liberal? So Says OK Cupid

I’ll give this to OK Cupid. Given an immense amount of data on the basics of human relationships, they’ve done the one thing I would never expect someone in that position to do: good, interesting work, with their OK Trends workshop. Query how much the results can be generalized from the (necessarily self-selected) sample set to the population at large, but I would imagine it holds up. From the latest set:

[Warning: if you’re reading at work, your firewall will probably block the link. OK Cupid subdomains are presumed to be dating sites, like the top domain. That presumption is false. Anyways, a quote, so you don’t have to browse:]

If you want to know: do my date and I have the same politics?

Ask him or her: do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex?

In each case [of sample issue-based questions], complexity-preferrers are 65-70% likely to give the Liberal answer. And those who prefer simplicity in others are 65-70% likely to give the Conservative one.

Presuming the analysis to be true, I imply no value judgment with this post. Some problems call for simple solutions; others, complicated ones. I tend to think that international problems call for simpler solutions than domestic problems, even if the problems themselves are equally complex, a breakdown that would reflect the general public’s preference for Republicans and Democrats in the two arenas. But that may be unfair. Then again, maybe I’m overthinking it? Typical liberal.


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  1. I’m part of the sample set!

    Actually, I’m not, since I skipped the “do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex?” question. But still, I’m part of the OKCupid userbase, and am part of the sample set for other question examples.

    And having tried several dating sites, I strongly endorse OKCupid as the best. I’m just hoping it doesn’t go downhill (or away altogether) now that it’s been bought by the owners of

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