Republican Caucus-Goers Will Destroy America

There’s just no sugarcoating it. Either this is a very poorly built sample group, or… something.

Set aside the near-plurality that think the President is a Muslim (although they split over whether he’s “practicing” or not). There are, believe it or not, deeper problems, like the two — two voters!! — who say the President’s true “religious belief” is “liberalism,” the “most intolerant religion of all,” an assertion that is definitionally false. And the guy who’s convinced that Obama’s desire to “mak[e] [Egypt] into a republic” is incompatible with his exhortations to “democracy” (“He doesn’t know what a ‘republic’ is!”). Idiocy.

As we’ve explained before, the incompatibility of “republicanism” with “democracy”  is a view that Glenn Beck’s inculcated into his viewers, for some such reason, probably to equate the Democratic Party with some desire for the chaos of direct democracy, directly applied. I’ve even gotten comments about this site’s subtitle, which, I was told, indicates a subversive desire to build democracy in a constitutional republic like America. How dare I! Apparently the Tocqueville reference is lost on some. To set the record straight, in modern parlance, even in political science (cf. Arend-effing-Lijphart), a democratic republic may appropriately be described in shorthand as a democracy, or as a republic. “Democracy,” as a term of art meaning only direct democracy à la Athens, is archaic, but the kind of usage you’d expect from the unserious historical fanboys populating the populist right.

Anyways, the point. Panels like this will pick the next Republican nominee. I like Obama’s chances.


  1. Mike Haubrich · ·

    It’s more scary because these are the people who we will be watching to select the front-runner in 2012; the front-runner will need to come out publicly and state that Obama is an evil-Muslim-liberal who is dead set on giving the country up to Shari’ah abortionist evolutionist gay-lovers in order to win any delegates.

    Although, that could bring out more moderate and liberal voters who sat on their hands last fall and allowed the Tea Party simpletons to get seats in Congress.

  2. Did one of them actually say liberalism is the most intolerant religion of all? Point noted, liberalism isn’t a religion, but I really don’t get why we’re viewed as intolerant.

  3. I find the whole constitutional republic thing weird in the extreme. Iran is a constitutional republic. It has a constitution that ensures that the government is run by a theocratic autocrat. He wasn’t any relation to the last one. A proper representative democracy is what they are lacking.

  4. A constitutional republic is more than just a state with a constitution. To qualify, the constitution has to limit the government in a meaningful way, so that it’s a “government of laws, not of men.” That’s obviously not the case in Iran or any other autocracy.

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