“Bill, Man, I Know Football”

From an interview that otherwise, too, reinforces the President’s normalness, against a discourse that does its damnedest to make him into something alien.


  1. Obama is not applying for a defensive coordinator position, he’ just saying he knows enough to be a normal fan, just like the millions of other Americans who were tuned into the game. You guys will find any little thing to try to lambaste the guy.
    This only supports the President’s answer to why he’s so hated. You don’t hate Barack Obama – you hate who you THINK he is.

  2. You misunderstand! I’m an Obama fan, and saying that being able to talk about football, and dismiss O’Reilly with that line, makes him seem like a normal guy, and does a lot to deflate the people that hate him for no reason. I think we’re on the same side :)

    1. Sooo sorry! I got angry the first time I saw the interview, seeing it again did the same thing to me. We ARE on the same side.
      One thing, it must have really taken a lot for Obama to hold back from punching O’Reilly after all that “people hate you” garbage.
      Again, I apologize for getting the wrong idea…

    2. Haha, all forgiven :). Love your site, too!

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