The GOP’s Small Tent

RedState sees The Gays, and libertarians, as entertaining sideshows who might contribute meaningfully, maybe, but are “irritating” and “grating” otherwise. The Big Tent’s now basically a bivy sack.


  1. I’m actually impressed that a Manhattan lawyer knows what a bivy sack is.

    With that said – how well has the ‘Big Tent’ worked out for Democrats? Those moderates and Independents that Obama built his campaign on in 2008 have proven to be a fickle bunch.

    I prefer a deeply loyal base and skillful campaigning to any kind of nonsense about a permanent coalition. These days your lucky if you can keep swing voters longer than an election cycle.

  2. It’s actually very interesting that the independents are as “fickle” as they are. Considered as a group, they hold incredible power – no one can be elected President without their support – yet they have not managed to organize in a way that allow them to truly leverage that power. In practically any other political system, you’d have seen the emergence of a party or some other type of organization to cater to precisely those voters (such as the LibDems in the UK), but not in the US.

    1. Well that’s because ‘Independent’ covers a LOT of ground. I know very conservative Independents and very liberal Independents. In the U.S. Independents are often less of a homogenous group and mostly just a big bunch of people that are disenchanted with the two-party system.

      1. Yeah, like I’m an independent, and I did switch which of the parties I voted for in the last two Congressional elections.

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