The Republican Statesman is Dead

And Jim DeMint killed him. The extremist, minority leader of his minority caucus will force a reading of the entire START Treaty, in full, consuming 12 hours of Senate time, just to appease… Well, who? The uninformed masses who, like him, feel they should oppose it, but can’t really grasp why? Secretary Gibbs’ reply:

This is a new low in putting political stunts ahead of our national security, and it is exactly the kind of Washington game-playing that the American people are sick of. While some express concern that the Senate doesn’t have time to debate the Treaty, Senator DeMint wants to waste 12 hours to read the text of a treaty that has been available to every member of the Senate and the public for more than eight months. This Treaty has been the subject of nearly 20 Senate hearings and 1,000 questions, and is supported by President George H.W. Bush, every living Republican Secretary of State, our NATO allies, and the military leadership of the United States of America. Every minute that the START Treaty is being read on the Senate floor increases the time that we lack verification of Russia’s nuclear arsenal. It is the height of hypocrisy to complain that there is not enough time to consider this Treaty, while wasting so much time reading aloud a document that was submitted to the Senate months ago.

All politicians, on both sides, should be disgusted. Those who so disrespect their office and their country have no place in its government. America’s international standing is not a toy, some pawn to be fumbled with in a foolish, misguided attempt to checkmate the president for its own sake. Republicans used to serve their country as men of honor, wisdom, and poise, conscious of their country’s place in the world, and the seriousness that place demanded of them. Those days are over.

UPDATE: DeMint folded like a cheap umbrella.



  1. What is their argument against the treaty? That is makes us (look) weak? Russia may not be our best friend, but they aren’t an enemy. We’ll still have more nukes than anyone could ever need, but it makes Russia happy and similarly reduces their arsenal. Obstructionism for its own sake, pure and simple. Just register your own “no” vote on it, if you must, and let’s be done with it!

    1. Basically Kyl wants more money for nuclear weapons modernization, and DeMint is convinced it’ll make the US less secure and prevent development of a missile defence system.

    2. In other words, DeMint apparently just wants someone to read the treaty aloud for him, since he obviously can’t have read it himself.

    3. Also remember, when McCain ra, he was rather anti-Russia in his foreign policy. There’s still some cold war left in some conservatives.

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