Quote for the Zeitgeist

A succinct statement of exactly where our opposition stands:

“No, in your heart and soul, you cannot be an American and condone Park 51.”

This is what we’re up against: a movement that would boldly withdraw citizen status, something that belongs to all Americans (whether earned or by birth), based on political disagreement.


  1. Gee…You’d better turn apostate from Obama as well. who said, “Being American isn’t a matter of blood or birth; it’s a matter of faith.”

    BTW – Nice use of only half my statement. Oh well, it’s not like I would expect any better from your particular sort.

  2. “…of shared fidelity to the ideas and values that we hold so dear.”

    What’s wrong with that?

    1. It is much the same as what I said, though clouded by nuance.

      If one does not have faith, the hared fidelity to the ideas and values that we hold so dear then, ipso facto, one is not American.

      If you’ve a problem with what I said, you should have a similar problem with what Obama said.

      BTW – I speak of the spirit of the individual, not their legal standing. I’ve no desire to strip anyone of the legal standing as an American citizen w/o greater provocation than wrong-headed beliefs.

      Of course that restriction is more an acknowledgment that governments change and one has to remember that what was done for Good first may later be done for Evil and use the prior precedent in order to be able to.

  3. Obama was saying being American is less about tangible factors and more about ideas; he was waxing philosophical. You, on the other hand, attempt to invoke the “no true Scotsman” fallacy, as so many “real Americans” do.

  4. I know, why can’t those Muslims just learn their place? They should consider themselves lucky in that real Americans allow them to continue to live in New York City.

    1. Leave off the race-baiting “learn their place” bit and you’d be accurate.

      Muslims should be freaking grateful they’re still allowed to live in NYC or within America’s borders at all. In many nations across the world that would not be case after 9/11 and its preceding incidents.

      1. Which countries? Which civilized western democracies? Islamist terrorists blew up subways in England, and Muslims haven’t been run out of that country, as far as I know. Christians should be grateful they’re allowed in the Middle East at all, after what happened with the Crusades. Evangelical Christians should be grateful they’re allowed to live in the USA at all, considering the acts of domestic terrorism their memebers have perpetrated.

        Just, no. Shut the fuck up. Stop equating Muslims with Islamist terrorists. It’s incorrect and gains us nothing except the ire of parts of the Muslim world that are terrorists. Terrorists come from all creeds, fueled by perversions of their faith.

        1. Yes, Western Democracies are far more civilized and tolerant than the rest of the world, so? Muslims should be grateful there as well.

          Such would not be the case if any minority group had launched such a string of terrorist attacks against other nations.

          BTW – Christian can barely live in the Muslim World and are regularly subject to lethal persecution within those regions.

          And, no; I won’t “shut up” at the command of a filthy, dhimmi, traitor.

          1. Traitor? Who the fuck are you to call me a traitor? Go to your self-righteous christian hell, you intolerant, ignorant jackass.

            1. Tut-tut – such foul and ill-bred language. Not that anyone could expect better from you.

              You’re also quite wrong; I’m not even remotely Christian. Nice bit of Christophobic stereotyping though. It sounded almost Muslim in its extremity and ignorance.

              Try reading back through the comments. You’ve been the only one spewing foul language and vitriol, traitor.

              1. Traitor to whom or what, exactly?

                Oh yes, I seem to recall that you are Jewish, correct? I’d tell you to go to Jewish hell, then, but that isn’t really something Jews believe in.

                I acknowledge I’ve been vulgar, and that’s because I’m sick and fucking tired of you and people like you. Your ignorance poisons the discourse in this country. You don’t deserve to be treated with respect when you continue to spout such nonsense.

                You are truly what’s wrong with America.

              2. Traitor to America and her values and culture, in point of fact. You might want to look at the original post material for clarification.

                Jewish? Hardly! You’re stretching – or rather descending from Christophobia into the more common antisemitism of leftists and other Muslim enablers.

                I’m Pagan, in specific a follower and priest of Morrighu.

                Funny how you claim I don;t deserve to be treated with respect when you’re the spewing profanity and coming across as a rabid extremist who’s hunting for a religious reason to “explain” my beliefs.

                And, to put it bluntly, you’re what wrong with America. You’re a traitor to the nation and her beliefs.

                Be thankful that the price for your removal – read as extermination – is too high, just as it is too high a price to remove the Muslims you love so much.

        2. Edit: “except the ire of Muslims who aren’t terrorists..

  5. I’m curious about these staements (emphasis mine):

    “A succinct statement of exactly where our opposition stands…”

    “This is what we’re up against…”

    You seem to be speaking for someone but you aren’t clear who. Democrats? Liberals? Former Obama campaign workers from 2008? In-the-tank-for-the-Big-O bloggers?

    I’m also unclear who ‘the opposition’ is?

    1. Ames speaks for me in this case.

      The opposition is pretty clearly those in the Tea / Republican party who want to stop the “mosque” (in particular) and want to race / religion bash (in general).

      1. Opposition to what? The Kumbaya Movement?

        1. Mike, stop being a troll. There is an organized movement, of which you are a part of, to stop the Park 51 project. This movement is affiliated with Republican party politics.

          Now, you may claim to be “independent” but your posts here put the lie to that.

          1. Really? What you don’t know is, well, a lot. So let me enlighten you before you look any dumber.


            What i am asking is, if there is an organized opposition, where is the organized support and who is it?

  6. I mean, the statement is obviously illogical since the people building it are Americans. Let alone the people who support it.

    Unless we’re getting into what’s a “Real American” game. Which to me is a fictional game full of relativities so people can justify their own views on everyone else.

    1. Also, all this stuff, reminds me of this:

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