The Republican Party Is Not Serious About Governing, Part I of ∞

Legislative priorities, following their assumption of power:

Not present:

This is what we elected: a group so terrified of (or governed by) the tea party that they’ll put the culture war issue du jour ahead of the real work of governing. It’s going to be a long two years.



  1. “A proposal to defund NPR was the winner in the GOP’s weekly “YouCut” contest, in which the public votes online for various spending cuts…”

    And I suppose their tax policy just needs better salesmanship. Kind of like Obamacare.

  2. A look through the Common Names Table reveals no statute with the name “Obamacare.” You must mean the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I hate to be picky, but politics is not (or should not be) talk radio, so these things matter.

    I suppose failure is equivocal as to cause, isn’t it? So without more, I don’t think your conclusion holds.

    1. It’s “Obamacare” if you want to be condescending, but if you try to give him credit for the policy, “Congress did it” – ;) Get it right Ames!

      About NPR, I’m always appreciative that conservatives try to hold them accountable. That’s part of the deal with getting public funds and keeps the mindful of being fair.

      1. I agree – there should be a level of accountability (money ALWAYS comes with strings) but I think i’ve stated before that I find little or no bias (outside of the Williams firing). I would love to see them get off the government dole though just to get people off their case. My only concern would be that they would move further left if free of government accountability.

      2. I keep hearing that as well, Schaefer in Slate made the same argument. C’mon NPR, why don’t you just drop the funding and stop worrying about all the complainers.

        But again, I want conservatives and everyone else complaining, because it keeps NPR mindful of their mission, keeps them avoiding similar scandals, and keeps it the NPR that I personally enjoy.

        I don’t really want Air America either.

    2. I’m trying to think of a motive for objecting to the name “Obamacare” and coming up short. It gives your guy credit for the law, and associates the law with the popular (though in my opinion inexplicably so since it has an irredeemably horrific goal and is 100% waste on the national budget) Medicare program. So what’s not to like for you? I’d think it would be the law’s supporters who’d have tagged it that.

      1. I was thinking the exact same thing Steve. peculiar thing for the libs around here to chaffe about.

  3. “Suddenly, I understand what “gotcha” journalism means!”

    Should I just edit my comment with strikethroughs?

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