Conservapedia: Most Books are “Liberal Claptrap”

One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen them post:

Nearly 250,000 people will soon be without a single bookstore, as the last one is closing in Laredo, Texas. [31] Most books (other than the Bible) are liberal claptrap anyway, so this is probably good news.

For those not familiar with wikiformatting from the permalink above, I can translate. The paragraph was added by Andy Schlafly, son of Phyllis, the latter a hero of the conservative movement. And apparently an enemy of the written word.


  1. They don’t call it the liberal arts for nothing. ;)

  2. How are Laredo’ins going to buy Ann Coulter’s intellectually weighty tomes now? Or for that matter Mrs. Schlafley’s books?

  3. What nonsense. Does he even know how many conservatives make books?
    Does this idiot know how many books are made by Ann Coulter and his mom?

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