Yeah, This is Tacky

Just so we’re clear, stories like this one are not acceptable, even about our comically inept opponents. Jezebel’s position is probably right: stories like this wouldn’t matter if the subject was male.

We can go farther: by focusing on a female candidate’s sexuality (which she has, admittedly, put partially in issue), rather than her ridiculous policy positions, articles like this risk chilling competent female candidates, who can reasonably fear that they’ll be evaluated by a political culture that at times looks more like a junior high school than anything that should befit the world’s remaining superpower.



  1. Why the asides?

  2. Do you mean the “which she has, admittedly, put partially in issue” line? Because I view that as the most obvious criticism of my position — “but she talks about her sexuality!” — and want to make clear that I don’t think that’s an adequate answer. But if you mean the points about O’Donnell being objectively terrible, I want it clear that it doesn’t matter what you think of her positions. I think she’s awful but that’s irrelevant to how over-the-line this was.

  3. If your entire post had just been this one line…

    “Just so we’re clear, stories like this one are not acceptable”

    ..itwould have been your best post ever.

  4. I rather think “even for our worst enemies” is helpful.

  5. Why is it necessary? Just make a firm, declaritive statement and stand on principle. Ever the lawyer…

  6. I just keep wondering, on the other side of the coin, was John Edward’s affair more or less fair game?

    I mean, he wasn’t running a “family values” platform, but it still seemed somewhat pertinent to know before voting for him.

    I think the only thing that makes this one worse, is the salacious telling of O’Donnell’s situation.

    1. I would say Edwards’ affair was only more fair game in the sense that he was doing something REALLY shady. He was married and fathered a child with his mistress. O’Donnell is single and entitled to a sex life. Although, to be clear – I think the story is mostly fabricated.

      For me I only care when the incident demonstrates either a monumental lack of judgement or some kind of actual mental problem.

      Example, Mark Sanford in SC. He was flying to foreign countries to cheat on his wife while in office. That demonstrates such bad judgement that he literally might be mentally unstable. On the flip side, our GOP candidate for mayor tomorrow was married in the 1970s and got a divorce (no kids). His ex re-maried and is now deceased and some of the local Dems are trying to make a stink because he never mentioned he had been married before. That’s dumb.

  7. I agree with Mike on this. CO is single. Her liasons shouldn’t be newsworthy. It’s like The American President :)

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