Mitt Romney Slumming It in Buckhead

From Mitt Romney’s Twitter feed, one sees he stopped to have lunch with the regular guys at the OK Cafe, a restaurant in Atlanta. The presidential implication is that Romney’s in touch with the “common man”; but as Atlanta residents will tell you, the OK Cafe isn’t really the common man’s lunch spot. It’s in the middle of residential Buckhead, at West Paces Ferry and Northside Drive. One has to drive for five minutes to not see a house worth upwards of two million dollars. As such, it’s fairly expensive (by Atlanta standards), and serves mostly the upper-middle and upper class students & parents of the three nearby private schools (Pace, Lovett, Westminster).

Don’t get me wrong. I love the OK Cafe. I used to live and go to school not ten minutes away. Mom & dad had lunch there all the time (before we moved away). But this all demonstrates just how easily the optics of any situation can be manipulated to make it look “populist” or “elitist.” Romney’s decision to sit with the guys from Marietta, wearing baseball hats, and not with the business-dressed men and women surrounding them, makes the staging pretty obvious.

Calvin gets it. Click to enlarge!


  1. You completely contradict yourself in this post. You say Romney was there to have lunch with regular guys, thus looking like a ‘common man’ but yet the Cafe isn’t for regular guys so he failed in his attempt.

    Isn’t it also likely that he, being a rich guy, wanted to eat lunch in a rich area, thus was just hanging with his own peeps and had no secret agenda?

    Or maybe you’re right and this is sort of like a certain someone grabbing lunch for the WH gang

    Check the meds Ames…

  2. Keeping it regular Big O!

    1. I don’t think I contradicted myself at all. Either that or you aren’t epxlaining it well…

      1. So your belief is that he intended this stop so he looked like a regular guy but failed because he picked the wrong restaurant?

      2. Right. And the larger point is that the populist/elitist meme is elusive and subject to little things like picture framing.

        1. Well maybe next time he should just head to Five Guys…

  3. More keeping it real!

  4. And even more (he’s so REAL) !

  5. Right, then the point would still be that Romney doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    1. …and of course the Big O does?

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