Tea Party Spoiler Faces Upstate Defeat

Longtime readers will remember my distaste for Doug Hoffman, the empty vessel partially filled by Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck to run on the third party Conservative line against Dede Scozzafava, the moderate Republican to whom he had lost the primary, in New York’s 23rd Congressional district. Hoffman’s spoiler candidacy, of course, guaranteed the seat for moderate Democrat Bill Owens, and ended Mrs. Scozzafava’s long career of service to the area. When he lost last year, Hoffman fanned the flames of provably false voting machine conspiracy theories to keep his dying brand alive.

Hoffman pledged to run in this year’s primary, to face (and likely defeat) Owens in a two-man race. Last night, he failed — again — and lacked the class to even appear and thank his supporters. Hoffman has not conceded, though… and more importantly, vowed earlier this year to reprise his spoiler role if he lost the primary. One can only hope that the GOP will so self-immolate, and that Christine O’Donnell’s Pyrrhic Delaware victory is the first of many steps on that path.

NOTE: there’s supposed to be a post for 9/16/2010 up right now, but WordPress and my computer have allowed me to write, but not post it. It makes no sense.


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  1. So it seems the GOP is about to find out that abandoning all political ideas and leadership and instead breathlessly chasing after an uncontrollable populist segment is a pretty bad idea.

    I guess no one saw that coming. [/sarcasm]

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