Facts on the Ground

There’s a large police presence in downtown Manhattan today — but comparatively fewer protesters. Most of them, too, are marching in support of Cordoba House. It’s actually quite refreshing.

Someone put up sheets to note, and presumably discuss, reasons to support or oppose the center. Who doesn’t want a swimming pool? I talked to one person who was incredulous that this could be a reason to support the center, but in a way, it goes to the heart of the issue. Downtown (TriBeCha?) needs community services; the Cordoba House will provide them. The inoffensive faith of the builders really shouldn’t matter.

This seems to pretty accurately sum up the state of public discourse, miserable as it is. (But hats off to the serviceman writing on the bottom right, in support of the rights for which he fought.)

This guy is the only anti-Islamic protester I could find in the area. Notice he’s also the only person with press coverage.

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