The Meaning of Defeat in the “Ground Zero Mosque” Issue

Although concern over the “Ground Zero Mosque” never made much sense, the lategame opposition appears to have collapsed into the truly absurd. Sarah Palin, and a few other Republicans, see the Cordoba House — a community center open to all, built with the explicit intention of bridging interfaith divides  — as the moral equivalent of burning Korans. It’s worth mentioning this brings all of them in line with the would-be book burner himself. Donald Trump thinks it would be significantly less offensive if moved only three blocks north. We’ve never gotten an adequate answer to how far the “mosque exclusion zone” should extend around the sites of national tragedies… tragedies that affected American Muslims too… but Trump’s chosen line of demarcation ought to prove that this debate is no longer about “offense,” if it ever even was. It’s about putting American Muslims in their place, on the periphery of American society. If the site were to move, no matter how far, we would ratify this sickening turn of events.

In the hands of our demagogues, the “mosque” issue has become the wedge by which the thin veneer of interfaith respect can be peeled back, and the hopes of the hateful energized for an important election season. We now owe it to ourselves to ensure that coexistence is forced upon us, not for the benefit of downtown Muslims (although that’s nice too), but to prove to the world, and ourselves, that we are not ruled by our baser elements. I remain convinced that, once the building is actually built, this will fade away in a matter of days. Whether or not that result obtains, we no longer risk validating hate. We must insist on a peaceful future. Nine years ago, and every day since, some of our countrymen died for something. Let them have died for that.

Update: Peacekeepers are already getting hurt over this absurd nonissue.

Update:  “Ground Zero” is now all of Manhattan west of Broadway and south of Park Place. There are about six halal carts in that vicinity.



  1. Sure thing, Dhimmi – the day AFTER we burn a few hundred Qur’ans and not have the Muslims explode into violence.

    Coexistence requires effort from both sides and, since the Muslims are the ones with something that they need to prove to Americans, it behooves them to take the first step. If they and their supporters on the Left aren’t willing to accommodate Americans then they can pay the price for their intransigence.

    1. I don’t understand this comment either, what does accommodating entail? And what does their reaction have anything to do with us?

      Aren’t our morals and convictions separate from their reactions? Do we need to be jerks because “Muslims explode into violence”. Coexistence never happens if you use their actions to rationalize your own misdeeds.

      That path seems like an endless immature schoolyard fight.

    2. Oneiroi that last sentence was very well said. I’ve been trying to say just that for a while.

    3. I mean the rest was great too I just particularly liked the last part :)

    4. “If they and their supporters on the Left aren’t willing to accommodate Americans…”

      So neither Muslims nor leftists are Americans? How refreshingly blunt.

    5. Nice false dichotomy there, Muslims and Americans.

  2. Who’s “not willing to accomodate Americans”? Al Qaeda, you mean? It doesn’t seem to me that they’re morally linked to Muslims living here. And I’ll remind you that Christians don’t react well to desecrating their holy things, either.

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