Heed the Words of the Converted

Setting aside the fact that this Reverend Graham, and indeed all Reverends Graham, are reprehensible fools, isn’t he actually correct, that President Obama was born a Msulim?

I think he is, but it doesn’t matter. Jesus of Nazareth was born (and died) a Jew;  St. Paul was born Saul of Tarsus, again a Jew; St. Augustine, Constantine the Great, and Mohammed were born polytheists; Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII were born Catholic; and the list goes on.

Clearly society respects — and credits — the capacity for religious transformation after birth, as both valid, and usually more profound than religion acquired at birth. Some Christian sects have even disclaimed the notion that one can be “born” into their faith, and fought wars to defend the principle. Why do we care what faith President Obama was born into?

More importantly, why do we care what faith he is?



  1. You aren’t born in a religion, you’re raised in one. Not that it really matters, since his father had become an atheist by the time he went to Hawai’i. So there’s not rerally much “seed of Muslim” to…

    Wait, what? “Seed of Muslim”? Really, Rev. Graham?

  2. So you can be born into Islam, but not into US citizenship? ;)

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