The Problem with Conservatism

The highest aspiration isn’t elected office. It’s talk radio.



  1. Conservatism has always been a cultural movement as mush as a political movement. As a talk radio host you have a certain control of the culture.

  2. If both were offered to me I would take talk radio over elected politics in a snap. You have to have be a little bit messed up to run for political office.

    1. But that’s you; for elected office, we don’t want people whose highest aspiration is to be media commodity.

      1. My understanding of the post was that it’s one or the other.

  3. A number of politicians do seem beset by the psychosis that they’re the best, and only people capable of doing anything right. That is bad. But it’s not present in every one. New York politics has actually been quite a hopeful experience for me. For all the state’s problems, they seem to come from the top, while the younger generation of men & women are legitimate, committed public servants. I’d name names but I’d have to include the guy I worked for, and I’d rather not do that, because while we agree on most everything, I don’t want to impute all my crazy views to him :).

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