Crazy PUMA Blog is Back!!!

Inspired by HotAir’s shameless boosting of PUMA conspiracy theories — of which no more need be said — I checked in at TexasDarlin, one of the more hilariously self-important PUMA blogs of last year, to see if they were still on self-imposed sabbatical. And lo! They’re back! Asking such important questions as, when Obama points to things with his middle finger, is he actually cold flipping us all off??? Probably! That tricky Kenyan-born Muslim! Surely this is a ploy he learned in his fundamentalist madrassa.

Ahhhh memories. Good times. That is all.



  1. OMG! She’s back with the crazy!

  2. My Grandpa used to point at things with his middle finger too. It took me about three seconds to realize he wasn’t, in fact, flipping me off :). I was seven.

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