How Far to Generalize the Gulf Oil Spill?

Palin’s latest absurd Facebook rant suggests the Gulf spill is a byproduct of the peculiarities of offshore drilling, and jumps from there to blaming liberals, who’ve foreclosed “safer” grounds, like Palin’s own state. Among other problems with her argument — Palin appears to assume that oil companies have to despoil some precious tract of land, and, perhaps counter to her intention, that offshore drilling can’t be done safely — we now hear that BP’s safety record in Alaskan operations suggests that the company has been, for years, risking a major spill up north. Even though she’s abandoned the state, a responsible steward of Alaska’s resources would react to this news with anger. I predict we’ll hear nothing.


  1. A novel interpretation by Mrs Palin, to be sure. I also note a tacit assumption that “energy production” = “oil production”.

  2. oneiroi · ·

    Partially it’s just politics, but I really really hate how she has no self-awareness and how everything is someone elses fault. Usually Democrats.

    “Let’s drill oil everywhere all the time” with no talk of regulation, yet blame environmentalists when something goes wrong.

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