Satire BP Twitter Feed Makes Fun of Trig

BPGlobalPR — with its hilarious parody of a cavalier BP executive and his bumbling assistant — is probably the best thing to come out of Twitter, ever. Examples:

Oh man, just wrapped up an EPIC game of grab ass with Gov. Bobby Jindal. He definitely won. #bpcares

The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares

Oh man, this whole time we’ve been trying to stop SEAWATER from gushing into our OIL. Stupid Terry was holding the diagram upside down.

This is why the internet exists, and good for these unnamed satirists for flirting with the border between satire & internet impersonation. But one of their recent tweets might be just a bit reckless:

Someone from an Alaska area code keeps trying to call us. Not answering for fear it’s an angry and newly pregnant Bristol Palin #itsnotmine

A tweet about oil and teen pregnancy: this is Palin territory. How can she miss it? And when she doesn’t, how will she make it about Trig, her favorite prop?


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