Ending DADT Puts Kagan on the Right Side of History

Which is to say, the left side.

Now that the repeal is ready to go — even if future Presidents will be able to reinstate it, albeit amidst furor — no matter how Kagan dealt with military recruiters at Harvard, she was right to do so, because the provision’s repeal signals the growing consensus that discrimination against gay Americans is wrong. Call this another victory for progressivism over mindless tradition. We do tend to win these things.



  1. “Which is to say, the left side.”

    I just threw up in my wastebasket.

  2. Then my work here is done!

  3. James F · ·

    The enemies of reason are lined up to support DADT – now, being opposed to everything the Religious Right supports is not a guide to accept blindly, but when I see groups like Family Research Council railing against DADT repeal, I’m more confident than ever about my position.

    I think the sticking point is this idea that repeal of DADT will turn the Armed Forces into a revival of La Cage aux Folles. The members of our military, regardless of sexual orientation, must adhere to high standards of professional conduct. I think the term “openly gay” actually hurts – say that they don’t have to deny their orientation, borrowing from Adm. Mullen’s point that it all comes down to integrity.

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