Sex and Responsibility

Last week, we noted that WorldNetDaily has a problem with women enjoying sex, especially because the Pill, and the availability of safe, legal abortion, together permit them to do just that while suffering nearly as few negative consequences as their male partners.

Maybe men and women should both be more responsible with that ability. But that’s not the question posed when we ask whether the Pill is “good” or “bad.” Today, at least one member of The National Review seems to recognize as much:

The fiftieth anniversary of the contraceptive pill seems to have provoked some grumbling around this fine Corner. I appreciate that some folk have religious objections to contraception. Those objections are what they are. As a practical matter, however, it seems to me that the development of the pill has been an enormous boon. Like many of the greatest scientific advances, it facilitated an enormous extension of freedom. Did some people abuse that freedom? Sure — and no surprise there — but the fault for that lies with people, not pill.

Good for them. I’d expand that reasoning to abortion, too, but perhaps that’s asking too much. I’ll note, too, that in the year 2010, we should really be past the question of whether contraception is good, and it’s a sign of the right’s continued radicalism that such issues are still controversial.


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  1. good stuff.

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