Obama, America’s Most Successful Modern Counterterror President, “Wins the Morning”

When Politico starts to note what might’ve gone wrong, it’s best to remember what didn’t — in two consecutive terrorist incidents, now, despite initial setbacks, local authorities have foiled terror plots and caught their man, with the help of federal officials. And in the first case, despite being washed through the “liberal” criminal justice system, and contrary to seemingly willful disinformation throughout the media, the lawfully interrogated perpetrator provided actionable intelligence both before and after receiving his Miranda warnings. That’s two big successes — both accomplished without significantly compromising civil rights.

Comparatively, President George W. Bush presided over the largest terror attack in American history, and might fairly be considered negligent in his handling of the matter, before and after the attack. Critically, despite continually eroding Americans’ civil rights for security’s sake, Bush still failed to catch his man, and never made significant arrests on American soil. No, suspects detained, tortured, and later freed as innocent emphatically do not count.

For equality’s sake, it’s also widely acknowledged that President Bill Clinton probably missed a prime opportunity to catch Osama Bin Laden, before we ever knew just how dangerous he was, due most likely to an overly technical, cumbersome reading of FISA.

Admittedly, much of a President’s success in counterterror depends on luck, or the men and women on the ground in local law enforcement. But if we’re going to start unfairly blaming Obama for things that didn’t happen, we might as well unfairly credit him for the same.



  1. I have no problem with how things have proceeded on this front. I think the Timothy McVeigh adequately demonstrated we can catch terrorists that are also US citizens, learn what we need to from them while they are under Miranda and then successfully execute them and/or keep them in jail forever.

    My only real beef with this whole situation had nothing to do with the government or law enforcement but instead with the press which nearly blew the whole operation by reporting info they should have kept under wraps. NPR sat on info they had in the interest of helping the FBI. Other news outlets parked vans outside the suspect’s house. Thanks a lot guys…

    Also in the name of equality..

    “Bush still failed to catch his man, and never made significant arrests on American soil.”

    I think that’s primarily because all the significant suspects were burnt to a crisp in NY, PA and DC.

    1. Politico is worthless.

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