Did You Just Catch That?

Game changer:

President Obama: Let me repeat that. We cut taxes. [. . .] We cut taxes for eight million Americans paying for college. [Applause]

President Obama: [Looking at seated Republicans] I thought I’d get some applause for that.

John Boehner: [Seated. Hands in lap.]

Picture when one’s available.

UPDATE: scattered Republican frontbencher applause for putting taxes from bank fees towards community banks. John Boehner, mouthed: “How are you going to pay for it?” Yes — John Boehner is tonight’s Joe Wilson. Just a cowardly one.



  1. This is one thing that annoys me so much.

    Obama hasn’t even raised the taxes he said he would during his general election, and Republicans still run around talking about tea parties.

    They don’t actually care about what Obama actually does, just how to counter it.

  2. That’s the infuriating thing about this administration and current crop of Democrats. Obama cut taxes. Taxes were cut for 95% of people as part of the stimulus package. The extra money in your paycheck is the result of a tax cut. So why aren’t the Democrats saying this? Why are they letting the Tea Partiers and GOP scream to high heaven that Obama raised taxes? Saying that you cut taxes doesn’t make you into a Republican. It’s as if the Democrats are so scared of being tarred with a GOP brush that they will not fight, will not use any words that the GOP has claimed.

    Oh, that felt good. Rant over… or at least on hiatus now.

    1. We don’t play nearly aggressive enough.

      We should be talking about how more and more money is being taken out of their check from health care, and Obama has lowered what’s been taken out from taxes. Tea party? Ha.

      How Republicans are blocking important reform that will cost them money and damage lives. How all these compromises we’ve made have benefited corporate interests, partly in efforts to appease Republicans.

      Ugh, but I think being aggressive just makes Democrats uncomfortable.

      1. Well, I’m being more vocal on my newspaper’s boards by posting the facts. I’m not one for confrontation, but if the facts are there, plain for all to see, and folks still persist in believing lies, then it says much about that person’s comments and opinions.

        I’ve found that I’m not the confrontational type – screaming about the iggorant Repugnicans or whatever. But a bit of well placed snark and some well placed questions can really make people stop and think. We can be aggressive and fight, and still not lower ourselves to their level. And if that fails, the 2×4 is always available.

      2. I’m not saying people should yell, it’s just that Democrats are always on the defensive and very rarely on the offensive. I’m mainly speaking about congressmen and such.

      3. Rather than aggression, The Democrats need more confidence and straightforward communication. They need to realize that they have the greatest majority for decades, and then communicate to the electorate in simple and understandable terms what they’re going to use it for and for which reasons. That is the way every other parliamentary system in the world works: When you’re in the majority, you go out and use it for something.

        Conversely, all this nervous talk about “bipartisanship” and “moving to the centre” only makes it look like they aren’t confident in their own ideals, especially compared to the Republicans. After all, the public presumably voted for the Democrats because of those ideals. But if even the Democrats don’t appear to have confidence in them, it’s no wonder if the polls are slipping.

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