Keith Olbermann is Officially Our Erick Erickson: to Hell with them Both

Whether it’s Jonah Golberg and Glenn Beck making “liberals” out to be “fascists,” or Keith Olbermann and Erick Erickson comparing their least favorite Supreme Court decisions to Scott v. Sanford (“Dred Scott”), it ought to be possible to criticize our political opponents without comparing them to the worst parts of human history.

Keith Olbermann’s equivalence between Citizens United and Dred Scott is particularly reprehensible. Although I most certainly don’t, if you buy Erickson’s premise — that every fetus is a human life — it actually makes sense to compare Roe to Scott, as a matter of scale if not of taste. But despite the obvious flaws in Citizens United, and the deleterious effects it shall surely work on the political process, it comes nowhere close to the evils of Scott, which literally multiply with every reading. The time has come for us to stop tolerating extremists on either side. If we’re going to boycott Glenn Beck, we should at least try to moderate Olbermann, or push him out of the mainstream.


  1. I didn’t think that the MSNBC talking heads had nearly as much clout as their counterparts on Fox.

    This graph is from a year ago
    and then Olbermann was only looking at about 1/3 of Beck’s viewership.

    My understanding is that Beck has only gotten bigger while Olbermann has gone down. But I found this, from early this month:
    Assuming that Nielsen ratings are proportional to viewership, then Beck’s actually only bringing in 50% more total viewers than Olbermann, though Olbermann benefits from airing twice a day and Beck has a pretty crappy time slot. However, those may have been unusually low numbers for Beck (see article).
    When he aired his communism special (same day as the hope for Haiti stuff) he blew everything else out of the water, and Olbermann’s post-telethon numbers are rather low too.

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