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The New York Stock Exchange, as of this morning:

Yes, that’s a Chinese flag on the right. Might we avoid this kind of symbolism?



  1. It all depends . . . if we are really a free economy, then having the flags of our major trading partners flying at institutions like the NYSE is just a symbol of who we do business with. If you approach it from a protectionist standpoint, they are “the enemy.” But china, for good or ill hold significant amounts of U.S. debt – and without that, the economy would be in far worse shape.

  2. True, it just doesn’t really project confidence in this climate :)

    1. I’ll take reality any day, thank you very much. More doses of that, and we might not have gotten into this present mess in the first place.

  3. This post is xenophobic and to be honest Ames, way below your usual standards. Why was it flying there? The obvious answer is that important diplomats from China were visiting, probably even opening the exchange, and they hung the flag as they would for one of any other nation. If Obama or H. Clinton were to visit a foreign country on an official mission you would rightly be offended that they didn’t fly the star-spangled banner for them.

  4. I don’t think it’s xenophobic in the slightest. Regardless of my feelings for the Chinese, now might not be the time to provoke the China/Wall Street connection. If it were the Olympics, that’s another thing entirely…

    1. Suspected Replicant · ·

      I agree with Pi. It’s as if you’re deliberately trying to scare people by pointing out irrelevant details. Your comment does the same. Why would it be okay to fly a Chinese flag at one time but not at another?

    2. I don’t think it’s a flag that you’re completely xenophobic just based on this post, but it ain’t your finest hour, brother.

      ~ John

  5. I can admit that much — apologies to all.

  6. I’d just as soon prestigious institutions who have a choice not especially honor (by invitation, flag or otherwise) leaders of an authoritarian régime like China.

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