Profiles in Anti-Gay Rights Leadership: Hiram Monserrate

Last month’s vote to bring gay marriage to New York failed, spectacularly, when eight Democrats defected to join a unanimous Republican line and vote against equality. Among them was Hiram Monserrate, the veteran state senator who almost singlehandedly seized up the state government over the summer. Since then, his greatest achievements have been beating charges for felony assault on his girlfriend (he was convicted of a misdemeanor) and drawing only mild rebukes from Senate colleagues. Good for you, Mr. Monserrate!

It’s only natural, then, that the self-styled “Coalition for Morality” considers him one of their own, based on his vote against gay marriage. Clearly they’re taking a holistic approach to his career.



  1. What on earth?

    Where did that flier come from?

  2. It’s a good question. If you google around for “Coalition for Morality,” the only hits you get are posts about this story. It was apparently dispersed at some NY churches in his district.

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  4. You know that’s me (above), right?


  5. LOL! I did not :). But thanks!!! And do keep up the great work :)

  6. Yeah, I joined up as a writer there. Gives me a chance to snark around on a larger platform. It’s a really great organization.

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