Palin Lies to Cover Up a Lie

Remember “death panels”? Palin’s assertion that payment for end-of-life counseling would somehow morph into government mandated suicide? Apparently, that argument has since become a loser — so now we hear that what she really meant, you see, was that government “rationing” is the real mechanism by which “death panels” operate.

This goes against statements to news organizations from Palin’s own operation, ignores the fact that rationed care is already an American reality, and further demonstrates just how desperate Palin is to ensure the popularity of her last, tiny bit of relevance: her Facebook page.

Politico refers to the question of how, exactly, these imaginary “death panels” work as a “haze of confusion.” Maybe so, but the haze is one-sided.

One comment

  1. Yeah, rationing is a reality in all scarcity systems – which is effectively all systems in the present world.

    But even further than that, even though it doesn’t sound very nice at first, a certain degree of “rationing” is actually a really good idea in a health care system. It ensures that the available money is being used as efficiently as possible, and that the treatments used are actually effective, so that patients are not exposed to useless procedures that may do more harm than good.

    Of course, that all presupposes that the “rationing” is being done by competent medical professionals, and not by insurance bureaucrats working primarily under a profit motive.

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