Tea Parties: Mission Accomplished?

Per “Daily Dish,” the tea party movement is already making a documentary about their movement. By way of reminder, the sum total of the “Tea Party Patriots'” accomplishments are (1) buying campy British uniforms, (2) getting 60,000 people to Washington, D.C., (3) exaggerating their numbers, (4) laughing at a family’s misfortune, and (5) making a documentary.

Don’t miss some of the signs — “Humans are a species too, revise the [Endangered Species Act,” “United States of SOCIALIST America,” etc.

Save one, could there be a metonym for modern conservatism’s tendency to exaggerate, declare victory, and move on to the next half-baked scheme? Heckuva job, fellas.



  1. OMG! The Redcoats are back! :-O

  2. FernoKlump · ·

    Its like they found the one black guy at the rally and just followed him around with a camera.

  3. It’s not like that at all. It IS that :)

  4. Is Ben Stein in it?

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