Facebook is Now Bigger than America

350 million users — that’s much, much more than the population of the United States. Mark Zuckerberg can now claim to make decisions that have an (immediate) effect on more people than President Obama. Ignore the millions of caveats that must surround that statement, and it’s fairly impressive.



  1. Some caveats being that for Facebook, accounts of the deceased are not systematically purged and it is easy for an individual to hold multiple accounts (I have two).

  2. I think I have 3… surely we’re anomalous.

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  4. I see an opportunity for synergy here.

    The way forward is obvious. Either Mark Zuckerberg must become President of the US, or President Obama must become CEO of Facebook.

    To the Thunderdome! Two men enter, one man leaves!

  5. Instead of an Army of One you can have an army of trolls.

  6. Interpreted · ·

    Of course, given Facebook’s excellent privacy policy, this means that the new Republic of Mark Zuckeberg has a more effective surveillance regime than pretty much any secret police in the world.

    Cheka, eat your heart out.

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