Hoffman Links to Birther Site in Supporter E-Mail

In an e-mail sent to supporters earlier today, Doug Hoffman pledged to strategize for his 2010 campaign over the holidays. But the prospect already looks bleak. At the end of the e-mail, Hoffman gives his supporters an “update” on important “news” articles — prominent among them, a link to prominent “Birther” site, “Citizen Wells.”

What’s significant is that Wells’ post substantially duplicates an article by that blog-masquerading-as-a-newspaper, “The Gouverneur Times.” That Hoffman would rather cite a notorious birther breeding ground than a slightly-more-reputable conservative blog is telling.

The Times’ allegations aren’t worth seriously addressing, except to note that the error stems from the legal requirement that voting machines print totals by group of voters, and the Times is comparing total votes in one group to total eligible voters in another group. That’s problematic, and speaks more to the Times’ ability to do math than Congressman Owens’ legitimacy.

Hoffman’s entire e-mail follows.

Click to enlarge... if you dare.




  1. Somewhat related, Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs officially parted ways with the right over multiple issues, including its association with birthers and creationists. I hope many others will follow suit, leaving the fringe isolated and far less powerful.

  2. I SAW. That’s exciting. I find it odd that people are deserting the GOP in droves, but they still have influence on healthcare. I guess the politics of fear really work, but I don’t know if that says more about the GOP or about the American public.

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