For Glenn Beck, Which Comes First? Conservatism, or Sexism?

Tyranny always contains the seeds of its own downfall.

Sarah Palin is a disaster. But not because she’s a woman. Beck apparently came to the right conclusion for the way wrong reason.



  1. Hey, Palin and I agree on something! I think Beck is a hoot as well.

    And what’s that he says, that he “owns ridiculous”? Yeah, I’d certainly agree he’s got ‘ridiculous’ off pat, too.

  2. Oh my God he’s such a hater! Oh no! I was looking for the sexist words he draed to speak. Me, in my infinite stupidity, disdn’t find anything very offensive. But the wonderful progressives saved the day and alerted me to the horrible discrimination that had occured. But after I dsicovered it, I knew that this is entirely unacceptable. I mean, the hate he was guilty of spewing! It was evil! He’s such a racist too. (Unlike the SEIU. Unlike Beck, liberals do not have a racist bone in their body. Never mind yelling racial slurs as you lynch somebody. That doesn’t count.) I amn, he’s like the KKK. Only he prefers donuts. And has a black guy fill in for him. But still..

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