Exeunt: Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

Doug Hoffman’s last chance to file a suit demanding a recount passes today. Updates on relevant law and facts as they come.

Update: according to one source, Hoffman will not file.

See the comments for a defense of why this matters. Airport security lines preclude further response… For now!



  1. Or, move on to something of substance . . .

  2. Hey now. The rest of the world may only care about election law every four years, but whether and how Hoffman decides to challenge the results will reflect on the opscan pilot program, and give a forecast on how it’ll fare in future competitive races — like next year, when most (all?) of the state legislature is up for re election. It’ll reflect on similar challenges likely to come nationwide too. Opscan systems survived one competitive, closely watched recount with flying colors (MN), but this could become round 2, even if the recount won’t change a thing, and drive the GOP narrative going into 2012. Recall the poll that 52% of GOP thinks Obama stole the election: that can expand or contract, today.

  3. Just because he didn’t file does not make him somehow honest. Sure, reasonable people will see it as an admission that his claims are false and the challenge unwinnable. But his supporters don’t have to see it that way, and they will take it however he spins it (or spin it for him): He didn’t file because he can’t win, sure, but not because he’s wrong but because the system is stacked against him.

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