Tales of Hoffman: Finale

Election officials upstate aren’t letting Hoffman define his own reality:

According to [Oswego Democratic elections commissioner Bill] Scriber, there were problems with the phone system on the night of the election that led to the delay in the results being posted online, but the idea of tampering is preposterous.

“I guess Mr. Hoffman is totally ignorant of the process in New York state and how local boards operate,” Scriber said. “No votes changed from election night, to election morning, to the day after, right up to today.”

The commissioner added that he believes that Hoffman owes the Oswego County Board of Elections and the staff an apology for his comments in the letter.

“This statement is so absolutely fictitious and false that I don’t know where to begin,” Scriber said. “It was such an irresponsible statement, I don’t know anybody other than Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh  that would believe it.”

Scriber added that Hoffman or one of his representatives had a legal right to be present during the vote and re-canvassing process.

“He was given notice from this board, and invited during our audit of the voting machines and our re-canvassing and counting of the absentees and affidavits,” Scriber said. “But right now, I don’t see anybody from the Hoffman campaign.”

The last bit is unforgivable, especially for a candidate making an allegation as serious as voter fraud. New York has long provided candidates the chance to witness the canvass or re-canvass of voting machines, and with the addition of paper ballots, the pilot program added the option for candidates to witness rigorous testing of the voting machines’ logic and accuracy, to ensure voter and campaign confidence in the process. That Hoffman participated in neither demonstrates, once and for all, that he prefers spouting conspiracy theories to actually living a fact-based, responsible political life. This is what happens when you choose Glenn Beck as a mentor.

Let’s hope Commissioner Scriber gets the apology he’s hoping for. In the meantime, Hoffman is done, and good riddance.


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  1. I can see why Palin endorsed Hoffman, He’s just like her, an incompetent idealog who’s only interest in politics is as a means of gain personal power and a soap box from which to harangue his perceived enemies. And now that he’s lost he will be bound by his own ego to concoct a contrived plot in which everyone from ACORN to the Knights Templar have conspired to deny him the messianic glory that is his birthright.

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