Pranking Tea Partiers — Too Well?

On Saturday, “Robert Erickson” took the stage at a Minnesota “Tea Party” to decry the crimes and horrific evils of illegal immigrants:

Thing is, it was a not-too-subtle prank: in his speech, “Erickson” rails against European immigrants for stealing land from “real” (read: Native) Americans, and contributing to the death of their culture. It’s a clever way of reminding the anti-immigrant crowd that we’re all immigrants here, but perhaps too clever by half. While no sane person would compare the effects of modern immigration on the United States to the effects the original European settlers worked on the native population, I wouldn’t put it past the “Tea Party” crowd to say that “Erickson” in fact proved their point — immigrants destroy culture. Given this is the same group that calls the first black President a racist communist Nazi (?), I wouldn’t put anything past them. You really can’t out-“Poe’s Law” these people.

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