There’s a Special Place in Hell for Erick Erickson

Late today, an army major, apparently disturbed by stories of the war abroad, murdered twelve of his comrades at Fort Hood. The man had a Arabic-sounding name, but stated “no religious preference” on his military paperwork. I’m sure you know what’s coming next:

As the sun set tonight, tragedy came to Ft. Hood. A muslim [sic] soldier began shooting other soldiers.

What we know so far is that the soldier was a muslim [sic] and began yelling at his fellow soldiers statements in Arabic.

Leave it to RedState to support our troops — by twisting their deaths for unrelated political gain.

Update: apparently he was Muslim. This changes nothing. His religion wasn’t relevant to the crime, except to permit pundits from Erickson to Malkin to blame his religion and Muslims generally.



  1. Caleb Howe · ·

    A grossly misinformed post. Suspect was open about being Muslim. All coworkers indicate he was Muslim. His own family said he was a “lifelong” muslim. Fact.

  2. Fine. It’s still douchey, essentializing, and the essence of racism.

  3. Because his religion is completely beside the point. The man was mentally disturbed and went on a killing spree. That he was Muslim, black, white, or played Halo 3 in his spare time would all be equally irrelevant. Harping on a status that’s incidental to the crime is racism, plain and simple.

  4. The fact is, we don’t know what his motives were at this point.

  5. That’s fair. But presuming his religion caused his violence is hardly laudable.

  6. In the news piece I just read it says that he may have been mobbed. Anyway, this is like those news anchors in my country who always explicitly say that some criminal was a foreigner – but in cases where Germans commit a crime, they never say that explicitly, and that skews perception. Similarly, I guess one should not hold one’s breath for American media to stress “the murderer was a Christian” each time a student runs amok at his high school.

  7. On another site, the bloggers are bitching and calling for Obama’s impeachment because he was giving a speech and it took him 2.5 minutes to acknowledge the shooting, which had only happened a couple of hours earlier.
    I, of course pointed out that it took Bush 7 minutes to react to the event of of 9/11 and I don’t remember how long it took Bush to address the nation.
    I’m sure that if this Texas shooter wasn’t a muslim, these nutcases would have a completely take on it.

  8. Caleb Howe · ·

    “The man had a Arabic-sounding name, but stated ‘no religious preference’ on his military paperwork.”

    This is a very intentionally misleading slur. Erickson wasn’t presuming the guy was muslim cause his name “sounded” Arabic. His religion was no secret. According to his own family and friends he was a lifelong muslim. You are deliberately obfuscating facts here. Irrationally, I might add.

  9. Caleb Howe · ·

    Furthermore, I trust you posted an equally outraged blog entry when the census worker was blamed on teapartiers within minutes right? Mustn’t assume, yes? Did you know cops are saying he wasn’t victim of anti-govt rage after all? Ooops.

  10. Updated. Again. That literally doesn’t matter at all. Did he kill out of a desire to ensure the supremacy of Islam, or anything like that, or was he simply disturbed? Presuming the former is racism, plain and simple, and your devotion to your boss is admirable, but he long since slipped the chains of sanity. How much poop have you sent to your congressman lately, Caleb?

  11. Caleb Howe · ·

    It doesn’t matter if you think it matters to the crime. You clearly intended to imply that racist hick republicans think every arab is muslim, but you simply didn’t have the facts. What is it called when you make presumptions about people despite a total lack of factual basis? I can’t remember …

    1. I’m sorry for that — in fact, it’s not what I meant to imply. The latter part stands though, and I presume you’re conceding it?

  12. Most of all, it sounds like he was mentally disturbed and extremely upset at and fearful of his upcoming deployment. Plus, it sounds like he had been harassed for being a Muslim by others in the military. Great.

    1. Wow. So he was made fun of for his religion, now his religion is being blamed for his crimes. That’s like evil super-villain level racism.

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