Tales of Hoffman

Doug Hoffman — member of the 9/12 and “Tea Party” movements, sits by while talk radio giant Mark Levin calls Assemblymember Scozzafava”Arlen Specter in drag,” claims that President Obama is “taking away our liberties, taking away our rights,” pulls out of a debate at the last minute, and generally doesn’t so much “have ideas” as an uncanny ability to sit quietly while Glenn Beck talks at him.

Pure class. I defer to Assemblymember Duprey (R) for more:

This is a campaign for Congress — not an audition to be a talking head on a cable news program. Doug Hoffman doesn’t live here, he doesn’t understand our local issues and, regardless of his campaign’s theatrics and false polls, he knows he is completely unelectable. Make no mistake about it — Doug Hoffman is a spoiler, and by staying in this race he will jeopardize a seat the Republican Party has held here since the Civil War. It’s high time that Hoffman puts the good of this community over his personal ambition and endorses our Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava.



  1. Well . . . watching this from a distance, I think we’re starting to see the idealogy tests that Republicans intend to apply to their 2010 candidates. As Bill Kristol extolled over at the the WaPO today, the Republican Party has gone hard Right, and it’s not coming back any time soon.

    1. Extolled?

      “Oh, Bill Kristol, are you ever right?”

  2. I have no idea who these people are, but kudos on the opera reference in the title. I expect it may not be quite “offenbach” to everyone, though.

    …ok, I’ll get me coat now.

  3. HAH! That’s a bitchin’ opera, isn’t it? I haven’t seen it live, but my ex showed me a truly bizarre, almost Burton-esque movie version. Good times.

  4. That was an interview? It seemed like he spent 4 minutes trying not to ask him a question in case he could not ask it. “You have children?”, “do you like Carl Marx?” what probing questions, he sure had that guy on the ropes. Why doesn’t Beck just pay for his elections posters and be done with it? Is this what passes for political discourse these days?

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