The Republican Party Has a Problem With Its Base

For all its general uselessness, sometimes Politico lends its ill-gotten credibility to stories that actually matter, to produce stories that even comport with basic notions of journalistic integrity.  It’s rare, but it does happen. Today, we finally hear, from a conservative source, this story, one that anyone without blinders would already know:

The Republican Party has a problem with its base.

Until now, the only support for this theory has been – ahem – “common sense.”  And the observable fact that the party continues to use incompetent ideologues to squeeze out moderates for the benefit of other incompetent ideologues (NY-23), to its detriment.

But Politico’s inside-line into the Republican Party proves that conservatives are, in fact, actually worried about this — conservatives like Mitt Romney; Tim Pawlenty  (“the party needs to be about addition, not subtraction”); Eric Cantor (“we need more voices… we need to attract the middle again”); Bob Michel (“without a good slice of the independents, we are doomed”); and John McCain, to name a few.  The consequences of Republicans’ shattered brand, apparently, is beginning to dawn on these men.  If for nothing more than their talent at deception, and the American public’s general gullibility, the GOP is entitled to modest gains in 2010 — but because of Beck and co., they may not get it. TV sensations rarely translate to governing coalitions.

Of course, this flirtation with reality didn’t last: Politico went on to undermine its conclusion by reporting as true the discredited idea that the 9/12 movement drew “millions.” Pity those kinds of unsubsubstantiated, impossible exaggerations don’t work on election day.



  1. Um yeah, Ames,
    Mike’s right . . . . Democrats don’t exactly have squeaky clean noses on the deception part. And as to gullability – just look at the latest Pwe polling data on the global climate crisis . . . .

  2. I’m well aware that we’re not blameless. Some deception is unfortunately part and parcel of politics. But the more egregious incidents in recent memory lie clearly and unmistakably on the right side. Death panels? Socialism? Obama being “racist”? Come on.

    1. Isn’t that simply a by-product of holding the Whitehouse? Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that the rhteoric directed at Bush for 8 years was less egregious? His only ‘fault’ in the first 6 months of his presidency was that the Supreme Court sided with him in the 2000 election but to hear the rhetoric back then he was the antiChrist. And according to Democrat PR in 2005 the GOP was going to take away senior citizens retirement benefits.

      And just for the record – get over the socialism thing. It’s been a common charge in American politics for 50 years or so. It’s standard populist rhetoric and both sides do it, only the Left calls it ‘fascism’. And the racist thing is kind of funny…just to see the show on the other foot for a change.

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