No Post this Morning — and Here’s Why:

Turns out this is only a temporary solution to a twisted MagSafe adapter.


Sure was fun though.


  1. Field Engineering strikes again! We’ll await your digital return.

  2. Curiously, Apple will apparently reimburse me, since it was broken before I broke it :). YAY!

  3. DickTurpis · ·

    A while ago a jury rigged a preventative measure consisting of thread, a staple, electric tape, and Elmer’s glue. It seems to have worked wonderfully, as I’ve noticed no further deterioration of the cable since (not that I necessarily would notice it under a layer of thread, tape, and glue).

  4. In almost a month, I’ve had to buy booth a new plug and a new battery for my macbook pro.

    There goes $200 dollars for nothing tangible.

    1. I don”t like hearing that as I just bought a MacBook Pro!!! My first foray into Apple’s orchard.

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