National Equality March Trumps 9/12 “Tea Party” March

Police estimates put the National Equality March numbers at 100,000 — that’s 40,000 more than any honest estimate of the “9/12 movement” march. Fox should, therefore, be providing 1.67x more coverage of the event, but so far we’re at 0. One can only imagine why. Perhaps the marchers should start wildly exaggerating their numbers? That got Beck’s attention last time.



  1. I hope you are not trying to measure who is right by the size of your protest?

    But seriously some protests get disproportionate coverage. I remember someone describing the “9/12” march as about the size of a charity walk, which get usually about 20 seconds of news coverage. If it wasn’t for the fact it was astroturfed by Fox, WND and other “news” organisations nobody would even have noticed it occurring.

    1. I think the broader point is delegitimizing the integrity of the channel. And their claimed movement.

  2. Mike from Ottawa · ·

    Jon Stewart did a nice job last night contrasting how Faux News didn’t bother to cover the National Equality March in Washington where it has a bureau, but only used feed from another network to Faux’s coverage of a supposed protest against the school where the video of kids singing about Obama was shot. That latter one got 8 minutes on Faux to the NEM’s 30 seconds or so and the film was by Faux and one of their reporters and, best part, it was the day after and their 9 minutes coverage only had footage of an empty sidewalk where folk were told the protest had taken place.

    Faux isn’t even pretending to fake trying to be honest.

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