The Marxist Impulse in Conservative Polemic: “Liberal Fascists”

Jonah Goldberg, the man famous for redrawing the political spectrum to equate “liberals” with Nazis, shares an important trait with Conservapedia — a passion for historical revisionism. For both, the war against liberalism is a quest that spans the epochs. There were Jewish liberals in ancient Jerusalem, eager to kill the Son of God; and there were German liberals in the Weimar Republic, eager to kill the Jews. What a difference a few millenia makes!

Curiously, this need to remake all of history to demonize one’s foes is not conservative — it’s Marxist. Politicians have manipulated history for millenia to aggrandize themselves, but it was Marx who first took that impulse to its extreme, in framing his epochal struggle between workers and merchants. How curious that expansive revisionism now undergirds the modern right-wing fringe.



  1. I always chuckle at the idea of “liberal Nazis” when the philosophy is undeniably ultra right wing complete with adoration of Christian superiority and a belief that ‘traditional values’ trump the rights of minorities and other undesirables. Seriously, you can take many of the talking points from Nazi propaganda and it will fit neatly into just about anything put out by Focus on the Family.

  2. Aw, come on. Seriously. You do understand Marx better, don’t you? He simply interpreted history as being shaped by struggles of economic interests, which, even if too one-dimensional if taken on its own, is a big step forward in comparison to interpreting it only as a bunch of dynastic marriages and battles as was done before. I do not remember him writing that proletarians and capitalists existed in the Roman Empire – quite the opposite, actually.

    Is that some kind of weird reflex in the USA? I need to bash my opponent – hey, got an idea, why not say he is a commie?

    1. Yes, I realize it’s more complicated than that. I should have framed this post as “this is what conservatives think Marxism looks like” — that, I think, would be accurate.

    2. However, there have been quite a number of later Marxist historians who have tended to interpret history that way – Maurice Dobb on the later Middle Ages, for instance, with his overly strong focus on social classes which may or may not have existed at the time, and which really obscures some rather complex social dynamics.

      That said, I certainly agree that Marxism has had a positive influence on historiography through its contributions to social history and the Annales School in particular.

      “Who built Thebes of the seven gates?” and all that.

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