Evolution: One-Line Responses

Ray Comfort, the thought leader responsible for such brilliant rejoinders to science as “well how do you explain the banana, hmmm?” —

— yes, quite cunning, Ray — prides himself on attempting to rebut, in one line, the entire field of modern evolutionary biology. In his latest trick, he argues that the theory of evolution reduces to the line “nothing created everything” — which is simply absurd! Ergo evolution is a lie, and Hitler (for good measure). The one problem? Evolution ≠ abiogenesis. Done.


  1. I’ve heard this mindless canard from other YECers if not from Comfort so this is nothing new, though it is bemusing to see that he wrote a whole “book” on the subject. Truth be told though this is how all creationists operate, they simply take old arguments from pious ignoramuses of the past, slap on a fresh coat of paint by updating the language and cover art and then squeeze it out between their butt cheeks for all the learned world to sneer and laugh at. I’m not sure what amazes me more, that they keep recycling their old lies or that they think we won’t notice.

  2. How don’t you explain the banana? It’s just a fruit that evolved a rather tough protective covering.

    If bananas (and every other distinct, unique life form) were instead custom-crafted by some god, I’d have to start asking some questions about said god. Is he bored, or off his meds? Why create 50 bazillion different fruits? Couldn’t god just make one super fruit to fill all niches? Oh, sorry, I forgot that you’re not supposed to question god – everything is the way it is because he wants it that way, now stop asking questions or you’ll have to go to bed without dinner.

  3. How many books a year does Ray “write”? This is at least three by my count. Mind you none of them weigh in at more than 120 pages. A bit like Twitter; small messages for small minds.

  4. i’d have to ask him to explain the discovery of “Lucy”. the problem i have with creationists, is how can they debunk carbon dating, as they believe the world is what, only 5,000 years old???

  5. I for one find Ray Comfort’s apparent obsession with banana-shaped objects interesting and may be subscribing to his newsletter.

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