While We’re on the Subject of Atonement…

In case you missed either show, on Tuesday’s Colbert Report, Stephen mocked Pat Robertson’s son for asking Christians to celebrate the Jewish high holidays, like Rosh Hashanah (l’shanah tovah, incidentally!). Robertson said he just “didn’t know” why we stopped celebrating them!

He could’ve asked me. Shortly after Jesus’ death, early Christians sough to codify the faith, setting out rituals, holidays, etc. A split quickly developed between Paul and his supporters, and Jesus’ immediate family. His family sought to graft “Christianity” onto Judaism, so the new faith would resemble what missionaries today bill as “Messianic Judaism” (even though it’s really just proto-Christianity). Paul wanted to jettison the Jewish elements of the faith, to better ensure the new religion’s popularity in a world dominated by anti-Semitism. Guess who won? I’m all for Christians celebrating the Jewish High Holidays. After all, if you’re truly a Christian believer, a strict reading suggests you probably should. But let’s not make excuses for why we stopped.



  1. Perhaps “[b]ut let’s –not– make excuses for why we stopped” encapsulates your feelings a little better? :D

  2. Nah, it was only the summation of your entire argument, not that big of a deal. *titters politely behind hand*

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