Ladies & Gentlemen — Your Republican Party

Courtesy WorldNetDaily. Remember, they’re actually proud of these pictures.

obama undocumented

obama tar


  1. That top one is at least clever. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the wildly inappropriate “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” (which I realize is unoriginal). None of the others were particularly imaginative. “Time to put Nana in a Home” gets points for sheer offensiveness, but Pelosi isn’t particularly old and doesn’t have a reputation for forgetfulness or anything like that. Besides, she already has a perfectly good House.

    And honorable mention to “Politicians & diapers should be changed often and for the same reason”. Doesn’t quite do it for me, but the heart’s in the right place.

  2. The diapers line is Mark Twain, I think… Maybe Will Rogers? Feels like Rogers, but trivia brain says Twain. Anyway, no points for originality, but it’s a good line.

  3. Ames, I don’t think it’s fair of you to paint this kind of extremism as being “Republican” at its heart. Yes, some Republicans have said horrible things about the President, but many more haven’t, and have chosen to keep their opposition within the accepted bounds of political discourse. I’ve said it several times on the wiki, and I’ll say it again here: racism is pervasive in American society, and liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats alike, are guilty of it.

    I think it would be more fair to see these people as occupying a space defined by a lack of faith in either party, in the system we have, in politics in general, to represent their interests. They may vote Republican–what other choice would they have?–and the Republicans may try to get those votes–that’s just politics–but to paint the Republican party as uniquely embodying the political expression of American racism blurs too much together and overlooks a lot of the complexity.


  4. It benefits Democrats more to promote the notion that this is the face of the GOP… much like it would benefit the Right to make Americans think Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan were the faces of the Left. Ames is being a good soldier and following the White House’s marching orders. I guess we can’t be too critical of that. (insert rolling eyes here).

  5. Mike, these are currently the most visible members of your party. That’s your problem, not mine.

    1. Visible to who? A major portion of both Beck’s and Rush’s viewers are liberals seeking to be outraged. I mean, you know more about Beck’s broadcasts than me. Is it because you are watching him, or because you have some other liberal source giving you the cliff notes version?

      There’s a very good discussion going on about the subject in the comments here:

      I even offered a sample dialogue of one of our regular discussions on the subject (your name omitted of course).

      1. Because of the studies that people tend to surround themselves with viewpoints they agree with, I think that it would naturally be mostly conservatives who would watch it. And I wouldn’t think Beck would suddenly become a mainstay for people who end up reading this blog. And most of the random conservatives that stop here already seem well familiar with their work.

        But to get past all of our opinions, I did find a poll about partisan viewership of Fox News (and other channels). Unfortunately it’s from Dialy Kos so I’m not sure how reliable their polling methods are, but it lists Republicans watching daily to monthly at 59% versus 28% Democrats (and 18% Independents). I don’t know what that means for this discussion but I thought I’d throw it out there.

        1. I think the 28% is a pretty telling number. That’s nearly 1/3 of liberals watching Fox News on a daily basis. But what I’m really curious about is people like Ames who post regularly about Beck. I’m not really convinced Ames actually watches Beck at all. I think he probably has a couple of liberal sources that give him the Cliff Notes version of Beck’s daily antics so liberal bloggers can piggyback into posts of their own. So in that case, Beck’s most outrageous remarks are being passed on to a larger-than-28% of liberals so they can feel, well, outraged. That’s why i argue that much of Beck and Rush’s visbility is somewhat manufactured by the very people who bemoan their high viewwership.

          1. But the blog on which you are commenting was actually about the 9/12 rally. Is it safe to assume that those pictured above watch Glenn Beck and are Fox News viewers? And when the head of RNC responds to criticism by Rush Limbaugh, you can’t say that the mainstream of the party is not listening.

            1. I am not sayin that Republicans don’t listen to Rush. I’m saying that we aren’t the only ones by a long shot. And with Beck I think it’s even more pronounced.

              The point is that liberals are doing as much or more than conservatives to promote Beck because they like that he is so visable. Folks like Ames who I suspect don’t actually watch Beck but then rely on another source to distill his most outrageous moments, blog about them and then point and say, “See, look how visable he is.”

              Knowing how few conservative sites these people actually visit makes me think their assesment as to Beck’s impact on the party is a little skewed.

    2. I seriously doubt that. I would bet that most liberals only hear or watch Beck through youtube.

      1. If only conservatives actually watch/listen to these guys, why are they so visible? They certainly get a lot of PR from sites like Ames that talk about them on a weekly basis.

  6. It was fair game a few years ago to portray Cindy Sheehan, et al as the face of the Democratic Party. Of course, in those heady days disrespecting the president was considered unpatriotic. Oh, sweet, sweet irony.

    1. There we disagree, Honey — I don’t think Cindy Sheehan was ever a mainstream voice. She wasn’t endorsed by a majority of the most visible GOP politicians, which the Tea Parties & Glenn Beck most certainly are.

  7. IMO, what would help the Republican Party right about now would be to have some major political figure in the party show/tell them how to debate the current administration on its’ policies in a smart way: on the issues. Stop with the histronics, misinformation, and stop letting non-politicians direct the party. I want to hear how the republican members of Congress stand on the issues, not media entertainers. I tend to vote for candidates who have good ideas, irrespective of political affiliation. People like myself are not being well-served in policy debates by hearing from only one political party on very important national issues.

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